Time for Shim Shoy

by Patrick Coughlin

Hammered metal and wind

That’s the


Forces at work here

And a big loping lumbering shaggy

Guru gorilla mind too

Skoodly-oo-skloo to you too

With O’s that look like eyes cause

they got pupils

Not pupils like at optometry school

Pupils like in a pupa’s peepers

Pupas love this world of change

You would too if you were aptly called a grub

Nothing happens in the other zones

Best Bee right hee in the middee

Don’t even bother chaining the

maze-block floater

The long walker will be along anytime to unbind and you will then hear

the loudest sound you’ll ever hear

so don’t sneer

at my clear-making for your half-a-bee

Continue in that vein and you’ll never have more than half-honey

which still tastes pretty good to humans

 Shim Shoy!