What’s up with this BLOG?

by Patrick Coughlin

Here’s what’s up with this BLOG.  Pat Coughlin (me) is a guy that likes to come up with a lot of imaginary people in imaginary places, generally having adventures or living lives of otherwise abnormal dramatismoy.  Over the years since it all really got goin’, a full on storybook realized itself in the physical world, known, as it’s main focus and our good friend are known, as Squire Errant.

Squire Errant is the story of a man known as the Silver Knight, a greatly celebrated hero in a world that has forgotten such a person might exist.  Although he is a supreme fighter, and invincible in his silver armor, he is secretly a shameful coward.  He shares this secret only with his hypnotist, who is also his young squire and emotional punching bag.  One fine day the Squire decides he’s had enough of that shit and they go their seperate ways.  Then…

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Squire Errant established The MacroCosmic Monomyth, a supercolony story tree organism growing into our world, featuring many imaginary people with fascinating, unusual, exciting, dangerous lives.  Perhaps one of the most facinating, unusual, exciting and dangerous of these is the life of Vehn Rous, called The Mouse.  Half noble fighting man and half wandering Tinker, the circuitous path of Vehn Rous’  life experience courses through every aspect of the MacroCosmic MonoMyth and touches on countless of the storylives that incubate and grow within it, including, of course, the Silver Knight and Squire errant, as can be experienced in The Days and Nights of Nellymas. 

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Somewhere between The MacroCosmic MonoMyth and Shim Shoy we find some stories called The Mannersword and Hidden Cities.   The Mannersword, featuring long walking Boose Walksler, who is a girl or a boy depending on who’s reading it,  can be checked out at the blog of the same name, right next door to this one. 

Hidden Cities features the stories of Greene Vardim Black, he of the empty head, a blank slate sort of young fellow who comes to live with his Magician Uncle in the Hidden City of Chicago, as well as those intriguingly unusual individuals that become his friends and enemies and lovers.   

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Thank You and Shim Shoy!