More Shim Shoy For You

by Patrick Coughlin

There is in your head

Your water tower head

a school of fishies

granting wishies

with all the swishies of their tails

partners with gravity

filling the tub

filling the cavity

and so much for so much for so much of so mooch o mo

I bite my tongue

There is in your head

of the elevated train

of the buried harried never got married

elevated train head

many strange inscrutables


it’s all okay

if you prefers to Shim Shoy them away

and transfer to the mundane metra

where abounds mucho moustache

mouthing mishmash

who needs it? who wants it?

some people

Dun dun diddle doo dun dun diddle dee

dun dun diddle doo dee

Shim to you

Shoy to me

The Shim of us

The Shoy of we

riding in the elevated water tower train coursing over the flows and frequencies of apparent worlds and hidden cities

Shiiiim Shoooooooooooyyyyyyy!