Hello, Friends

by Patrick Coughlin

Hello Friends,

Your old pal Pat Coughlin here, wishing you a Happy Halloween and hoping you’re not tooo haunted!  It’s been a little bit since my last posting, and so I thought I’d just say Hi, I’m back! and that I’ll be back in proper blog posting swing for the foreseeable future.  Hooray!  Here for your consideration has been posted the final installment of Stanley Squantro, Boy Detective, in the hopes of appropriate scary strangeness for the day.  Thank You for your time, and if you like what you find here, please let me know!  I am eternally grateful for any such interactions however short and sweet they may be.  A click of the Like button, even!  Well, that’s enough of that, thanks again, and I’ll be seeing you here on Pat Coughlin’s Blog!  That’s me!

Love, Pat