Hidden Cities 15.3 The Last of Humanity

by Patrick Coughlin


Hidden Cities 15.3 The Last of Humanity

Far, far, and far into what we here call the future, the last of humanity, magicians all, fled their doom and the doom of the Earth. Casting off their physical bodies, they broke open the flows and threw themselves in, and they were changed and torn and thrown all about the world and all about time. In China they became metamorphical foxes and raccoons, in Greece and in India they became gods, in Ireland and England the fairies and leprechauns, also known as the good people, and in so many places and times so many forms and names, but always to those hidden people of the hidden cities, the magicians, they are known simply as Entities. Of the cluster of a thousand or so Entities that broke off from the mass and entered our time and place, that is, the present unfolding Chicago, roughly half recognized and dove straight into the welcoming non-embrace of the soft void inside the empty head of Greene Vardim Black. There they were safe and well provided for, as their host’s imagination and generosity were a bounty.
When Greene’s family was killed, the grateful and loving Entities returned the favor by shepherding their conscious spirits into his empty head as well, so that they would not be lost to each other.
The year following the tragedy, Greene’s body was cared for by the good people at the Deitch Mental Health Center and piloted unassumingly by the Entities, while his own conscious spirit lived in his empty head with his family, a version of the town of Rauhoff Park springing up more complete day to day. This town, this home for his family and the Entities who became the populace, was built of Greene’s memories. That is why, in the waking world, it seems that he has blocked out all memory that he ever even had a family at all, save for his Uncle Milo, more commonly known as The magician historian Grissom Black. It is simply that that knowledge exists now only inside the soft void, in the Rauhoff Park of the mind.

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