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Month: August, 2013

Hidden Cities 16.2: The Fearsome Done

By the time the Done Brothers turned 18, they had both committed heinous acts on behalf of their adoptive mother. She had gathered more “wayward children” into her care and tutelage. These brothers and sisters of the inner fires became known as the Ravenhead Gang, and the Done Brothers were their leaders, although it was really Dominic who the rest looked up to. 

It was Dominic who recognized the sorceress for what she was, or at least, felt it. He saw how she “acquired” the seventh Ravenhead, a little girl, and by this, how he and his brother had been thus acquired.
Danny could not be convinced, so Dominic had to leave on his own. He went into the world apparent and became a soldier and eventually a soldier of fortune.
When the time came for him to give up that life he returned to the sorceress’ house in Chicago’s hidden city, but no one was there, or had been for some time. With his magical senses he followed the trail, which led to the house of Grissom Black.

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Hidden Cities 16.1: the Brothers Done

Dominic and Danny Done were twin brothers, born with what the magicians of the hidden cities call the inner fires, though their parents were normal.
An ancient and predatory sorceress of the hidden city wanted them for herself, so she killed their father when they were just babies. She ingratiated herself into their lives as a family friend, and over the next nine years destroyed their mother’s sanity bit by bit, until she was finally committed to the state mental health system. The sorceress adopted the boys and brought them to live with her in Chicago’s hidden city.

As you might have guessed, this sorceress and the one who caused Greene Vardim Black so much trouble are indeed one and the same. 

To Be Continued in the next installment of Pat Coughlin’s Blog! 

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The Patch In The Pot


Hidden Cities 15.5 The Strawberry Patch

A task assigned to Greene at the Deitch Center for Mental Health was to water the plants in the long sunny hallway and on the third floor balcony. Under this simple care the plants thrived like never before. The nurses bought a big clay pot and filled it with good soil and strawberry seeds as a gift to Greene, who was everybody’s favorite patient. He simply watered it, of course, evidencing no other recognition of it’s existence.
It was soon after the arrival of the little unsprouted strawberry patch that Greene’s Uncle showed up to take him away to Chicago. The newly talkative, mentally present
Greene Vardim Black asked if he could take the Strawberry Patch. Of course he could. He said to them,
-I’ll be back when I get a batch from the patch!

Not too long after that was the night the Ravenhead Gang attacked the Black household. The following day Greene met the little white Gumleys. That night, Greene
Couldn’t sleep, and for once walked around at night fully awake, and fixed himself a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich and a glass of milk. He heard little gumsobs coming from another room. It was the littlest of the Gumleys, the one with no hands, bent over the bodies of two dead ravens, crying her soft little “gums”. Greene patted the Gumley on the back and said,

– Were they your friends?
– Gum…

So they buried the birds in the strawberry patch, which had yet to sprout.

On the morning that Greene became the vehicle of the Greenflow, he was able to see with magical vision the trouble that the various energies swirling within the soil and seeds were having with each other. He plunged his fingers in the dirt and straightened them all out, and wove them together harmoniously.

Later, the first fruits produced would be black. The handless Gumley and the eyeless Gumley would be drawn to them, but only the blind Gumley would eat them. But that is a story for another time.

Coincidentally, the entity that “piloted” Greene’s body while watering the plants was the entity of a young girl, and the Gumley with no hands was once a young girl as well, the youngest member of the former Ravenhead Gang, now the Gumleys of Greene Vardim Black.

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Hidden Cities 15.4 Green and Black

After the tragedy, twelve year old Greene Vardim Black’s body was whole and healthy, minus half a finger, but he was unresponsive to communication.  His conscious mind was deep in his empty head, so he was remanded by the state to the care of The Deitch Center of Mental Health.  They said he was a high functioning catatonic, which meant that for a person who recognized no human contact, that seemed the blankest of slates, devoid of motivation or personal ambition on any level, he needed no help in his own maintenance, and was easily led about.  This was due to the bodiless Entities within his head, who took turns piloting his body under strict rules of conduct.  His body had become a ship within which he was just another passenger among many.  
A fellow patient, name of David Green, took an instant liking to Greene Vardim Black, and came to spent a lot of time with him, never minding his eternal silence.  David Green was an eloquent and talkative sort of gentleman philosopher, deeply committed to traditional good manners and the charismatic arts of etiquette.  Occasionally Greene would return to his body just to talk with David Green, who kept Greene’s secret well, the very soul of discretion. 
When Grissom Black came to get him, Greene asked if his friend David Green could come with them.  
Grissom Black took David Green to the side and thanked him for being a friend to his nephew.  He gave him a card with his address, and told him that if and when he left the Deitch Center, he would be welcome at his house.  But he must write first.  He would never find the house otherwise.
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