Hidden Cities 16.2: The Fearsome Done

by Patrick Coughlin

By the time the Done Brothers turned 18, they had both committed heinous acts on behalf of their adoptive mother. She had gathered more “wayward children” into her care and tutelage. These brothers and sisters of the inner fires became known as the Ravenhead Gang, and the Done Brothers were their leaders, although it was really Dominic who the rest looked up to. 

It was Dominic who recognized the sorceress for what she was, or at least, felt it. He saw how she “acquired” the seventh Ravenhead, a little girl, and by this, how he and his brother had been thus acquired.
Danny could not be convinced, so Dominic had to leave on his own. He went into the world apparent and became a soldier and eventually a soldier of fortune.
When the time came for him to give up that life he returned to the sorceress’ house in Chicago’s hidden city, but no one was there, or had been for some time. With his magical senses he followed the trail, which led to the house of Grissom Black.

To be continued.  Thank you for reading Pat Coughlin’s blog!