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Hey, Y’all

I have been and am listening to binaural tones
Tending to messages between phones
Here it seems to be
There it sheems
There it sheems more full of shoy
Here and there la
Shimla shoyla
Facts are flying fast and foyla
Zip zip zip
The facts do slip
You know what I mean
When I say you are my Shim Shoy

Shim Shoy!


Shim It Good To The Hard Shoy

Whistle to the Tit-Whistler

And they will whistle to you

Dive into this notion

in this ocean submerge as goo

part of your brain is a jellyfish eating gummy worms

bioluminescent in digestion

Hidden City Phi-low-sci-fiers call it the glowbelly

awaken and awaken to your glowbelly and you can go to the alternate universes, the realities other with other brothers from other mothers

This is the glowbelly awakening call,

Glowbelly Glowbelly

Flowbelly Flew

awaken the light of your glowbelly goo


Shim Shoy!


All The Shim Shoy Day

Good Day Good Day

Have yourself a good old day

Pay no mind to shifty shamblers

Focus on the good old day

Here is goofing here is laughter

strewn throughout the good old day

Think of me and smile

I’ll think of you and chuckle duckle

All sweet parts of the good old day

conspire together to gather the gladness

as we go together our different ways

living in these good old days

Shim Shoy!

3 Short Shimmers for your Shunday Shoy

Sound thy horn

summon the close shimshorn

look to the sky


as you surmise

the look to keep in your eyes

is one of astonishment

Shim Shoy


That Man shuffles in a state of mindblown unsettlement

for someone to walk around so

wide eyed and shocked so

suggest that wonder remains

So the remains of wonder ARE scattered about!

Hidden here and there growing

Shim Shoy


Gleen, glon, gloin goo

Feel, the Shoy Shoo

Gleen, glon,  gloin goo

Heedaglobba Hoobaskotta skee

Shim Shoy

Jim Shoy

I Shim here

I Shoy there

Shimming on Wall Street

Shoying down by the docks

A Shim Shoy Businessman

am I

Jim Shoy!

Guest Shim Shoy by James Sienko II AKA The TinyCakes!  Thank You Jim!

More Shim Shoy For You

There is in your head

Your water tower head

a school of fishies

granting wishies

with all the swishies of their tails

partners with gravity

filling the tub

filling the cavity

and so much for so much for so much of so mooch o mo

I bite my tongue

There is in your head

of the elevated train

of the buried harried never got married

elevated train head

many strange inscrutables


it’s all okay

if you prefers to Shim Shoy them away

and transfer to the mundane metra

where abounds mucho moustache

mouthing mishmash

who needs it? who wants it?

some people

Dun dun diddle doo dun dun diddle dee

dun dun diddle doo dee

Shim to you

Shoy to me

The Shim of us

The Shoy of we

riding in the elevated water tower train coursing over the flows and frequencies of apparent worlds and hidden cities

Shiiiim Shoooooooooooyyyyyyy!

Shimla Shoyla

But what if I have to

frazzle the Razzler

dashing to untoward salamander shmorgasbords

hard to cook you may be sure

a lizard blooded lava pure

the absence of  purpose such a notion might service

tells me it’s real

I Bite my tongue

The salamander speaks

I love a white moth

when the wings flash off

in the red glowing air

Shim Shoy

Shim’n and Shoy’n

Loyin sproin

read my moin

goolagoggin over slew

take a hungry swimmin stew

innefective life jacket made of a giant oyster cracker with armin legholes

but Auntie Boody slaved over hot stoves to make it for you

and now it’s reduced to a fine fine goo

fit only for filling in the cracks around the gingerbread rocket to the

to the

to the

outer pastry zones

where the Red Velvet layers in the Green Velvet layers in the Spice Velvet

and your tastebuds transfigure into thousands of tiny eyes and you have to

stick your tongue way out to get a good look around

Shim Shoy

Time for Shim Shoy

Hammered metal and wind

That’s the


Forces at work here

And a big loping lumbering shaggy

Guru gorilla mind too

Skoodly-oo-skloo to you too

With O’s that look like eyes cause

they got pupils

Not pupils like at optometry school

Pupils like in a pupa’s peepers

Pupas love this world of change

You would too if you were aptly called a grub

Nothing happens in the other zones

Best Bee right hee in the middee

Don’t even bother chaining the

maze-block floater

The long walker will be along anytime to unbind and you will then hear

the loudest sound you’ll ever hear

so don’t sneer

at my clear-making for your half-a-bee

Continue in that vein and you’ll never have more than half-honey

which still tastes pretty good to humans

 Shim Shoy!

A Shim and a Shoy

Let’s all Shim and let’s all Shoy

Find the ShimShoy Girl and Boy

The Skelly dropped a few bones

on a roulette wheel on

the way over to your house and

put together a dog skelly from the winnings

I bite my tongue

They are scientific in their hospitality

Dig this

Where did I put you?

What have I seen since then

Race at the snail’s pace

to attain verizontal grace

in that space

which is noplace

the warpfields interlace

with subspace homing beacons



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