Freedom For ALL!

A Story Challenge Story

A democratically minded boy found an ancient bottle on the beach and a genie came out of it that looked like a raggedy old fucker in tattered dirty clothes with fleas in his beard and offered the usual three wishes.

As he had been in deep thought about the superiority of democratic societies like his own, he immediately made his first wish with great enthusiasm and will.

-Freedom for all!

The filthy genie danced a disconcerting jig, and as he thrust his fingerless gloved hands into the air, a great CRACKING sound filled the air of the whole world as every door of every cage in every prison and zoo broke open all at once.  Savage convicts and beasts flooded the streets in a riotous havoc.   Freed as well of their ancient chains, grotesque demon gods of the primordial world oozed and crawled up to the surface of fragile man’s world, smacking obscene lips and gnashing horrible fang-filled jaws.  All this horror the Boy comprehended instantly, compliments of the skeezy Genie.

As Grogunganada, the giant octopus god arose from the waters and shrieked unholy murder, the Boy thought quickly and smartly, leaving no room for disinterpretation as he made his second wish

-Undo what you’ve done to fulfill my first wish!

The skeezer did his nasty little dance in a herky jerky reverse, and suddenly, just like that, everything was back to normal, and what’s more, it was as if it had never happened.

Then, to really stick it to him, the boy used his third wish to make the genie good and wise, which worked to everyone’s benefit in the long run.

Thank You